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#45056 - My dad looked at me for a second and turned back and said tell me the truth son I took a deep breath and said I need to get away from everything from Harvey from Edvard from the pain and just from everything I started crying but just a little bit my dad said to me don't get upset my darling. 2 days ago I was at the coffee shop with a few friends and we was talking as usual about thing however I had told my friend I didn't want to talk about Harvey. I got out my seat and said be packed in a few hours I am going to go home and see what is flying from LAX so I did and found a flight at 2AM to Sydney Australia the only thing I had to book now was the hotel, after ring a hell of a lot of hotels I found one for us all and booked it.

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Ruby rose
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Jin muso
One rough bitch she could do me