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#103789 - Her whole body then trembled as wave after wave of pure unadulterated pleasure wafted through her entire body! When it was finally over she collapsed onto Sandra’s lap while trying to regain her lost senses! “Feel better?” Sandra asked gently while caressing Loo’s cheek. “Oh yessssssss, right there, do mama’s big hard clit!” She needn’t have asked, because if there was one thing that Loo knew about, it was sucking cunt! She bored in hard and fast on Sandra’s distended little clitty, and after a bit of gentle teasing, brought the middle aged cunt to a bone jarring climax! Her hips bucked forward nearly knocking the little Asian over, but Loo gamely hung on until the last vestiges of her cum slowly ebbed from her shaken body! “Oh my,” Sandra sighed, “you are a cunt lapping machine. “You okay, hon?” Sandra asked gently while giving the little Asian a quick once over.

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