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#156991 - we cant believe it either, but look at us we are all pretty much the same age, height, weight and very pretty another girl from the back added, while Jessica just sat there in shock with her head bowed down repeating the same thing over and over again this cant be happening, this cant be happening. I think he plans to sell us to people who will cook and eat us, im so scared the girl answered Jessica's question, looking into the girls eyes how can they eat us we are not meat, yet! Jessica yells I heard something about a BBQ auction another girl said from the back of the van and we will most likely be on a spit by noon tomorrow came from another girl, NO NO this cant be happening I wont believe it, I only got my alternative meat ID number yesterday she said wiping tears from her eyes. com) ********************************************************************** Part 1 - Jessica's Capture We start here in the bedroom of Jessica A young girl who just rece

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