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#316136 - And at the clearing of his throat, she gave a little jump and squeak, And in her impressive self-made bindings, he decided to take pity on her, and helped her to her feet; With a few rubs to her calves, her blood into her legs started to once more flow, And how ill-advised her attempts to move, she began to know. She took her Master to her throat, his member quickly brought hard, And her head began to bob, trying to entice him into giving her further reward.

Read Pasivo [Kokuryuugan] Osamu-chan ni Kiiteminaito ne (Himegoto) [English] [MrBubbles Teasing Osamu-chan ni Kiiteminaito ne[MrBubbles

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Hayate hisakawa
Love gianna
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I could watch her day
Thanks for fulfilling my fantasy
Annie hughes
I would like to sniff those panties