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#181057 - The cat was outof the bag now, mud sticks where I come from, and once you have been accused of something like that word spreads like wild fire and even the dog’s in the street are barking “POOF” at you as you walk along the street, I lay in my bed shattered, I had been there for Gary Stewart through thick and thin, when others slagged him I defended him, when he had nothing which had been often, I had shared what I had with him be it money, drugs or drink, we had done sexual things together quite a lot in our early teens, ok mostly it was me who initiated it but he played along, I am not saying he enjoyed it, and he never let me go too far, but we had been pretty intimate with each other on a few occasions through the years, ok I had probably went too far on Christmas Eve when I knew he did not want to play along anymore, but did that give him the right to destroy my life, to bring me down so low in front of people, we had both been friends with for most of our life, he knew that mak

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