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#295971 - i licked his balls, and deep throated his cock, i heard the announcement that it was my stop but i didnt care, i had to finish what i started :)) He picked me up and had me sit on his lap, but he was teasing me rubbing my clit, slapping my ass, and the tip of his huge cock was right next to my tight yound pussy, finally i couldnt wait any longer i grabbed the tip of his big black cock and pushed it straight into my tight young pussy, it was so big, the biggest ive fucked with yet, i couldnt take it i let out a moan, he started humping, and before i knew it i was riding his cock on the bus, I WAS RIDING A STRANGERS 10 INCH BLACK COCK ON THE FUCKING BUS. i put my hand under my butt rubbing on his hard on gosh it was so big probably like 8 inches at the least.

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