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#116385 - . 'Good my pet, I like a slave girl who is learning and knows her place, I want you to do one more thing? Lay on your bed, and put a pillow under your bottom, so your cunt is up and sinfully exposed, then spread your legs just enough so your fingers can get at your tender slit and pubic folds then put your other hand on top of it push down, now play with your cunt until I tell you to stop, do not cum unless I tell you, or you will be severally punished'! I didn't know if I could do that? My pussy was on fire and my legs were trembling, and it was all I could do, just to lay there naked with my legs apart with my fingers doing it.

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White heart
Holy damn she really does have eyes didnt notice until now
Miyabi kannagi
I need that
Sae niijima
Love you _
Julia montalban