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#249017 - ” I gave her a soft smile then said, “I will do anything to help you ladies, officer…nurse, I hope you have a good night. “Im sorry I was meant to follow you and protect you, but I am probably in trouble since my suit broke-” “wait what you mean by ‘suit broke’”? She seemed to inwardly kick herself for saying that, then next thing I knew she ran and jumped into then timbers and ran off. I turned and followed Raven behind a shed, she stood there for a second than turned around and grabbed my face and pulled me down to kiss her; it was straining my back, so I put my arms around her and lifted her up, (why were all the girls so light?) then she broke off and I let her down, she blushed and looked away for a second then she looked back and I noticed something in her eyes, what was it? I’ve seen it lately but I don’t know what it means.

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Someone know a website where see the full hentai non the original site thanks