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#3158 - The game looked almost identical to how they had prior to the revolution, the difference being the girl within the tank had a large chain around her leg, which was attacked to the bottom of the tank. He pumped faster, his grip on the girl’s neck getting tighter as he came closer and closer to cumming, he let out another groan of pleasure as he felt the release, as he came, he twisted the corpse’s neck, the audible Crack of her neck breaking adding to his pleasure, his cum flooded into the girl’s pussy, before it began to drip back out due to the sheer amount of it. he smiled, and clothed himself once again, leaving his new toy naked, he picked her up, and began walking towards his next destination, this restaurant he had heard so much about… (To be continued?) Authors note: This is my first public attempt at writing, though I have been writing stories like these for years, I'm open to criticism! But comments telling me to kill myself due to the themes will be deleted as spam,

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Kazuya kagami
This girl is perfect event though her body is nothing special anyone knows her name
Ritsuko akagi
Yeah im thinking thats based