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#83214 - With this news April & Sam went back inside the cabin, Cindy was busy talking to John & I was left chatting to Captain Nick & Mark whilst Chad was wandering the ship with his camera, Mark proceed to tell Nick how he found me topless in the tent when he came to get me for the last shoot, & he thought I had amazing breasts, it must have been the blue pill and champagne, before I knew what I was saying, I had told Nick not to worry he might get to see for himself before the day was over. Chad asked for Sam & I to hold hands whilst standing on top of a large rock, snapping away for at least twenty minutes, for the last duel photo he climb up the rocks to gain an Advantage point to shoot a photo looking down at us & when he asked us to turn and look up at him, the sun caught in my eye, I became unsteady on my feet and fell to the sand dragging Sam behind me. April arrived & we went downstairs to greet her in the work space, introduction over & I was handed a dark blue evening dress, with

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