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#315257 - It was decided by the county that Jessica's meat was so good that next year all the contestants to the pageant would be human girl's and renamed the Girl-Pig Pageant thus entering a new age of cannibalism. On his way back to their hut the flame's and smoke could be seen, fearing the worst Steve began to run toward the flame, once there he could already see people trying to put down the flame's to save the other tent's before the fire spread, looking down at the charred remains of his muddy tent and Betsy, he quickly thought where's Jessica looking around he saw no sign that Jessica was anywhere in or near the hut while it was aflame. Jessica being so excited could not bare to be stuck in a muddy tent watching some smelly old pig, this being her first time at the county fair, now that she was old enough to attend that is, she thought to herself I don’t have to watch some smelly old pig, no one will bother it anyway and left the tent to look ar

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