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#20295 - So hard that the headboard slammed into the wall, and knocked some of her pictures on the floor !!! While she was looking up into my eyes with pleasure, and grinning with satisfaction, she bucked her pussy up into my cock… Indicating that she wanted more !!! I was so turned on by her display of passion, that I rammed her pussy even harder than before, and did it again and again !!! I was fucking her so hard that her tits were slapping her in the face… I was liking this !!! I had never fucked a chick this hard before, and I had never even thought about treating one this way either, but I was so turned on by the way she like it, that I kept on fucking her with everything that I had !!! As I was catching my breath, I fell to her chest in exhaustion, which gave this chick a moment of control, and she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and began to pull my cock deeper into her pussy as she began to whisper into my ear…. and just enjoy it…” and then she moaned….

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Makoto kenzaki
The moment she spits on his dick goood