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#168575 - Helen sat up and removed her jeans and panties completely, as I did the same with my jeans and y fronts and parted her legs as wide as she could, as I leant across her so I could lie between her legs , she took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy before putting her hands on my arse cheeks and pulling me inside her as I savoured the feeling of penetrating a fresh pussy for the first time, she let out a small grimace as it entered her and stretched her lips for the first time, but there was plenty of lubrication to ease myself in and soon got into rhythm pistoning into her hard and fast as her pussy sucked my cock into her , with both my tongue and cock deep into her , Helen was moaning loudly as I felt her pussy muscles ripple slightly as she had a slight orgasm. As she didn’t flinch I saw this as a green light, and kept my hand there before gently rubbing, her boobs through her bra and T shirt feeling her nipple stiffen, I moved my hand down and under her T shir


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