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#79605 - This is an account of our hard times years ago, we swung, but only normally for fun, Dave was wroking hard, We had kids so I was stuck at home most days, this is one way I could help out,, I tell Dave about all my fun , and we wrote this together, Many years ago, things were very tight, we had to sell things to make ends meet and the kids needed clothes and shoes etc, but money wasn’t coming in, my husband was working but his new job didn’t pay much, We had met a couple Ginger and her husband, for swinging, and later found out she did part time prostitute work some evenings for business guys, at first I didn’t say any thing, as we got on well and met them a few times, then one day she rang me asking if I was busy that night , I said no,,, did they want to come over for some more fun,,,, Ginger said well kind of, did you want to go out, I said yes thinking she meant for a girls night out, then she said before you say yes,,, it's to meet a guy who wants to see two girls

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Katarina claes
Idk why but those panties that have an opening just at the ass have always been such an incredible turn on and i could never really describe why you guys are great