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#63216 - Loo! I told him that every freshman had feelings of anxiety from being away from home for the first time in their lives, but that after month or so everything would fall into place and he'd get over his homesickness!!! All at once he burst out crying, and feeling incredibly motherly, I just opened up my dress, unhooked my bra, and led his mouth to my already hard nipple for him to nurse on!!! That quickly quieted him down, and for the next half hour he lay in my lap with my nipple in his mouth while my hand gently caressed his big boner through his jeans!!! He smiled up at me and told me that this reminded him of home as his girl friend would nurse him several times a week just to keep him calm!!! I asked him what his girl would do to calm his raging erection, and just as I thought, he confessed that she always let him stick his huge penis into her big hairy pussy!!! Naturally I wanted to make him feel as much at home as possible, so I pulled up my dress and offered my wet cunt

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