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#95607 - I got into the van and Sasha was quiet which was only to be expected after being fucked by two complete strangers, so putting my arm around her we kissed then l opened the glove compartment to take out a small box and gave it to her saying she was the perfect girlfriend, Sasha eagerly opened the box to see the chain l had brought her, she kissed me and coyly said ‘so l’m your girlfriend’, l reminded her to be my girlfriend she would have to do as l wanted. The evening at Annie and Sasha’s was going well and after dinner we watched a film when it ended Annie reminded Sasha it was a school night, she reluctantly went to bed, l went to for a wee popped into Sasha’s room to give her a good night kiss before returning downstairs to where Annie was sitting. I mentioned that Sasha and Annie had invited me to dinner which got me a side look from Tina, before we got back to decorating Rick got a call and had to go into work, once he was out the door my sister Tina took me by the hand and we

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Allenby beardsley
Beautiful best hentai ive seen in a long time