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#80646 - After a brief silence she asked, “is that what my challenge was to admit that ?” I burst out laughing and said no, of course not, as I strode purposefully over to the fridge freezer and demanded “shut your eyes, or I’ll have to blindfold you for it,” “But … “ she started and I shushed her before she uttered another word, pulling out a few ice cubes from the freezer and whispering that she had to strip to her underwear there and then. ” I tutted as she hung up and she focused more intently on my member bobbing back and forth so quickly with her head, my hips and balls were slaping back into her face as she withdrew each time, as I got closer she used her hand and twisted with her pulling motion. I then grabbed a condom from my wallet and ran that over her and she couldn’t tell what it was and passed.

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