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#164790 - When I saw the guys being to slow, I asked them who was keen to try some water sports, a few smiles told me to head out towards the showers, as I did several guys followed, and quickly took aim as I knelt down, streams of hot piss washed the cum from my body, as I sucked on some to drain them fully, then turned and told a few to piss in my arse, again gallons of piss flowed as more guys joined in, the ones watching enjoyed the show, and also showered me in piss, a quick shower and we headed back to play. I left the door open, the normal invite for others to join in, as my cock started slowly into his nice tight butt, as my pace picked up, the first guy entered and began touching us both, soon I told him to slid his cock in my arse, and fuck me while I carried on fucking my son, I moved between the two, as we got used to the postion, the speed picked up. Stu walked in, seeing me with a open mouth, put his butt over my face and squeesed out a hot load of sticky cum for me to eat

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