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#136744 - o. Merve by this time had me hard again and was playing with my cock and had his other hand was playing with my little bum, Merve had a little bottle and it was full of baby oil so he put his finger in it then poked his finger up my bum hole, working his finger in and out, at first it hurt a little but he told me it would get better which it did and I liked Merve doing it to me. Merve moved his hand to the zipper of my pants and started to unzip me, he was older than me and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me, so I just let Merve do what he was doing, when he unzipped me he pulled my, by this time my very hard cock out of my pants and started to stroke it up and down, I have never ever had played with myself and this was the first time and I said to Merve, “ Oh this is really wonderful I have never done anything like this before” with that Merve lowered his mouth down on my 4inch hard cock and started to suck it.

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