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#403382 - He laughed a little and started walking again, giving her arm a soft squeeze, “Alright alright, geez, no need to use your puppy dog eyes on me like that…” She giggled happily and hugged him tighter, already planning ahead how she was going to go about his new training. “H-hey, that’s not fair!” He blushed brightly, but sank to his knees before the edge of the bed, watching as she sat herself down on it with a playful smirk. She poked her tongue out childishly as she snapped the tiny padlock closed, taking a step back and looking down at his pale cock locked away in its new steel cage, “How’s it feel?” Carter pursed his lips and rested his hands on his curved feminine hips, wiggling himself backwards and forwards, the cage flopping emphatically about, “…The weight is weird.

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Reiri hida
This is amazing and exactly how you hope it will be so very hot
Komaki jindai
Everyone would love to stick his cock in that hot sexy ass