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#25644 - Julie approached her and was greeted with, Oh, you must be Julie Morgan, fill out these forms and the doctor will see you in about fifteen minutes, she is finishing up with another patient. P-please don't hurt me, she pleaded, now realizing that there was a very good chance that she might be badly hurt, or worse! Gently working the head into her slit, her eyes rolled back into her head as he plunged all the way in with one quick jab! With her throat tightening, and her lips becoming dry, her vagina responded to the massive invasion with a huge orgasm! A loud moan escaped her lips, and he laughed and said, Can't get enough black meat, can you, you little fucking slut!?!? Her moan seemed to be a signal to him to start jamming her helpless pussy with his black fuck pole, and not being able to control herself, she wrapped her legs around his back and began meeting him thrust for thrust!!! Her positive response drove him into a frenzy while he bored his penis in and out of

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