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#272517 - Lindsey smiled as she did the same, both girls looking at each other as they ground their panty covered pussies into both guys face, moan’s were coming from Micheal and Josh as they licked and sniffed the sweetest pussies they ever had on their faces. Kathrine stopped sucking and took her mouth off Micheal’s cock, looking over she saw Lindsey on her back arching and moaning as the cock of Josh thrust in and out of her, she was so wet and seeing her friend on the same bed fucking hard was not helping, she too wanted a cock in her pussy. “What was that?” she asked quietly “I have no idea” Kathrine said as she listened for it again, there was another moan from her room “Let’s check it out” Both girls headed up the stairs, careful not to make any noise each went to their bedroom doors and placed an ear to it, listening for any more noise.

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