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#164243 - If you establish a rule in a story, like for example that mind control exists and everyone knows about it, that means that will have to play some kind of role in all of your later stories, or at least you’ll have to take it into consideration. Good news for those authors - 90% of viewers are here for the sex too, and usually skim through story sections to get to the sex. You can easily compare and contrast these writers, and what’s more, if you’re familiar with any of these names, you associate them with something, more often than not their style or their most successful story.

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Saichi sugimoto
Post hentai that
Himeko kurusugawa
I am a submissive sex slave i am looking for a dominant master that will own me and take care of me i just finished my training with my mistress and she has also acquired some new slaves and she releasing me to whoever who found interest in me so if you are interested in me
Natarle badgiruel
Strap mich bitte