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#288992 - What I saw was so erotic,she was riding someone,i couldn't see his face,but I could clearly see a very large cock goin in and out of her pussy she would lift slowly up then all the way down again so you couldn't see all of it,but when she was at the top of her ascent there were a good 8 inches still outside,and thick? The thing must have been 2 wide,her pussy lips were splayed so far apart i was wondering how she wasn't split and bleeding. My cock was so hard watching this,I slowly unzipped and pulled it,and was pulling on it to match him stroke for stroke,when suddenly she slid off of him and got on all fours,he got up behind her,that's when I saw who it was,one of her ex's Howard,his dick was every bit of 10s long and thick,much longer than the 6 average thick one i was pulling on now. But curiosity and I must admit arousal got the better of me,so i quietly crept down the hall.

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