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#245475 - He knew from past experience that Ingersoll Coolidge liked it a little on the rough side, so with one mighty plunge, he rammed his meat balls deep into the straining ass of his victim!!! Ingersoll buried his mouth into his arm and let out a loud and long scream that would have wakened the dead if not for his muffling of it, while Bobby slammed in and out of the tight little asshole, actually trying to tear the older man a new one! Bobby took his money, but he hated the old bastard for using gay men as his personal whipping boys, but then in private being the biggest fucking queen you could ever find!!! Ingersoll's own six inches was now hard as a piece of Pittsburgh steel, and he reached down and jerked his cock in time with Bobby's pounding! When he felt Bobby's pecker stiffen one last time, unleashing a torrent of cum, his own cock spurted shot after shot of jism all over the arm of the easy chair!!! Both men then collapsed in a heap on the floor and tried to regai

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Maria ross
Awsome hentai
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La veritable punition pour elle est d avoir les yeux bandes et de ne pas voir ce tres beau male
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