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#504 - well they drove us back to there house i can assume thinking back that they were on the pull as they drove so mustnt of been drinking.  When we got inside we saw that each room in the house had locks on so there were 8 or 9  lads living in this house, im unsure of how it happened but my friend went into a room with the lad she'd liked and the one who brough me home ended up fighting with his house mates two guys grabbed me and told me to go upstairs the lad id been with was shouting for them to leave me be, i had no clue what was happening but went upstairs thinking id figure it out, two guys took me in a room and locked the door and started kissing me touching me and fingering me then dropping my little black thong to the floor they proceeded to bend me over so i was leaned toward the bed where one held his cock for me to suck i had no idea how i ended up in this position and to be honest thought go with the flow itll be somthing to add to the list of experiances next the othe

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