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#83646 - Lina was scared now she knew it was possible to prevent her from using her magic the enchanted spit that had been used on her earlier was still in Gourry’s bag it was all the proof she needed, Gourry pretended to think for a moment and then Lina saw Naga giggle slightly and then Gourry pointed to Lina and said roast her for me, GOURRY!! was all Lina could say as four men the same ones who held down the other girl while she was spitted came over and grabbed each of Lina's limbs as she tried to cast spell after spell but they all just fizzled out and then the four started to strip Lina of her clothes, cape and other garments and threw them to the ground, Lina was now being held over the table Gourry and Naga were sitting at much the same as the girl they had seen at the table when they came in, Would you like to fuck her before we begin sir, most men like to play with their meat before the spit goes in the woman said while using two finger to spread Lina's lips open to show

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Anybody know if the elephant and ostrich have a channel