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#21169 - The man puts Cindy on her back and then grabbing her ankles in his hands she slides his cock back into her pussy and start fucking her again but within minutes he pulls his cock out and he shoots his load all over Cindys stomach. Several days later Cindy receives a package in the mail and when she opens it she finds a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside, playing the dvd she sees the same studio she was in, then the scene shifts to 2 masked men talking to her father. Jim and Robert have a few more drinks and Robert says listen buddy I have to tell you something, I have no proof but I'm convinced that Cindy is cheating on me Robert then says If I tried to have her followed or investigated and she found out then she would leave me and if she was innocent then I just blew my chance at being happy, to be honest Jim I think I'm in love with her .

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