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#197047 - Then half on purpose but not fully intending to, I opened a picture of Sue being fucked, by another guy, Pauline's eyes went wild, I said opps sorry you were not meant to see that one, she said that's ok, she looked like she was having fun any way, I said yes and the other guys had fun too, well that did it, Pauline nearly gagged on her drink, What other guys? I said we had 5 or 6 guys that night have fun with us both, again she looked stunned, 5 or 6? With you both? Yes I said we both have fun. As we lay resting, she told me that she had never been fucked like that before, as most times guys just jumped on and fucked her, not caring if she had a orgasm or not, I said well if your game to let me try other things, you will love sex, and want to try new ways more often, she nodded and said Yes please. I looked and said, when the guy told me the first time he was going to fist me, I said no way too, but now I love it.

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