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#227071 - when Lucie was about to try and get out of the table the door in front of her opened and a man the looked like he had drunk one to many beers came thought with a few other people that looked like they were dressed in medieval clothing. the war was over a box with unimaginable power that it could destroy a solar system in a matter of seconds and still have power left over too destroy the rest of the galaxy. as Jack is pick out a weapons Lucie has just woken up in the small sort of room as Jack but it was not as nice and instead of a bed it was just a mattress on the floor, Lucie was looking around the room with her heightened senses, she could see that their were a few small cracks in the wall as will as something else, just as Lucie was about to see what it was a speaker come on in her room, there was muffled talking on the other side as a man came on and started talking asking if she knew what she was Lucie being Lucie said that she knew what she was, this caused the door to burs

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