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#175572 - How long would it take for you to cross 'the line'? I lasted for 2 months, after which I decided to set my own rules, and experienced pleasures only the wealthiest billionaires could pay for. Walking through one morning I noticed a few UN soldiers were already here, and amongst the sounds of play and skipping from the girls, there were also giggles from the huts, and to my astonishment, at the entrance to one of them I saw a French soldier standing with his back arched and his cock being sucked by one of the mothers. Underprivilege though is another man's privilege, and this reliance on you and your good nature in time made you powerful, and power corrupts.

Read Blow Jobs (C90) [Honey Bunny (Kohachi)] Shounen Josou Choukyou ~Amane~ 3 [Chinese] [不协和音汉化] Cruising Shounen Josou Choukyou3

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What a girl with rocco
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Woooooow hot