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#255926 - I turned my flashlight to the old wooden stairs, dust coating them, I took the first, the wood supported my weight and didnt creek, then the next and the next until I reached the bottom. My sister always dared me and seemed to make me do stuff she wouldnt do, I think it was she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend or her jealousy over me, I had developed more before her, she was pretty, 5'6'' with long beautiful brown hair, deep brown eyes, but her legs were thin, her butt was not much to write home about and her chest was only 34A, I guess I am the opposite, 5'1'', short brown hair, dull brown eyes, but my legs are toned and well shaped, my butt is high and perky, my breasts are a natural 32E, so to humor her, I took the dare. I searched the rest of the basement, finding little else, some old trunks and a broken light bulb, but as I turned back to the stairs, I saw a hole.

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