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#173742 - Everything was going great, friends and neighbors were starting to get to the barbeque, finally Marie arrived with Jimmy and her parents, kids to one side, parents to the other it was time to begin the fun ,Jimmy and me started talking, he asked me for a huge favor, he wondered if I could distract Marie while he took my sister Jessica for a walk, he wanted to ask her if they could go steady as boyfriend and girlfriend, Sweet I Thought this was going out perfectly, I couldn’t have planed it better, we started to eat and drink, my dad even gave me a beer! I deserved it, we were all close and Kat looked at me and smiled, she mouthed go for it and looked at Marie, I felt so good and full of confidence, I moved Jimmy to a side and told him it was time to make his move, he nodded and walked to Jessica, I grabbed Marie and the four of us started walking towards the darkness of the beach, we went separate ways. On our way back from the store it was already dark, I started asking her for som

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