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#326176 - Because of the drugs making feel brave I decided I was going to try and finger my older sister so with one hand still firmly wrapped around my cock and one hand between my sisters legs I stroked my finger up and down her labia pushing gently closer to her hole. I decided to stop just to make sure she did not start to wake up when I was satisfied she was still asleep I continued to work my finger into my sisters vagina. I then licked my finger and the taste of my sister was wonderful I was finally tasting the juices straight from the source instead of her worn panties, again I slipped my hand back down and slipped my finger back in her cunt it was now very wet down there and she did not even know! I wondered if I could get another finger in there so I moved my middle finger to the side and placed my index finger at the entrance and then slipped it up and inside of her sleeping body.

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Those moans are annoying af
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