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#191451 - I rocked up at around 10 pm dressed in a matching purple, lycra, crop top and leggings combo with white running shoes, My small backpack had everything else I needed. A couple of weeks had passed since I had my first taste of what working as a masseuse could entail, I enjoyed it a lot, probably too much, Kendra didn’t seem to mind at all that I had taken care of Leon, in fact, she was really grateful I stepped up and helped her out in a pinch, she didn’t ask me too many questions except for if It was something I would be happy to continue doing, I gave her an emphatic “yes!”, she just smiled smugly and told me she's never wrong about who she chooses to hire. “well, well, I didn’t know you came to this gym Megan”, a deep male voice, coming from my right side catching me of guard, I looked over seeing the familiar face of Leon, he had a wide grin on his face, his pearly white teeth showing through underneath his big, dark, lips.

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