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#286867 - As soon as we walked out of the bar into the hotel corridor and were out of site of the staff he handed me ?300 in cash, all in ?20 s and it dawned on me that not was this only very real but that I was probably about to have sex with a complete stranger and that I had no condoms! I told them that I was just going to pop into the hotels public ladies room to count the money, he actually looked quite insulted about that but I couldn t think of another reason before I actually got to their room which would obviously have its own bathroom and told them to wait outside. I spent the next 3 plus hours being fucked on all fours whilst sucking the other one off, riding one while his mate stood over him and got sucked by me, getting fucked missionary while the other one knelt by my head and fucked my mouth, being eaten out by one whilst blowing the other and shorty even mentioned trying a double penetration (one in my pussy, one in my ass) which I was game for but the tall one didn t want to ge

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