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#41981 - The guy in front of her got his cock out which I could see was hard, jerking himself off he pushed his cock onto her lips, she turned away but the guy behind held her head straightened her head so she was facing his crouch, he pushed his cock with a forceful thrust into her mouth, she didn’t make a noise, Emma my beautiful girlfriend seemed not to be resisting at all, he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth to a rhythm, the guy behind started rubbing his crotch as his friend was getting a blowjob. I watched to see her spit it out but she didn’t, he just filled her mouth with cum and she swallowed the lot, surely this wasn’t the innocent sweet Christian girlfriend I knew, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but with my cock in my hands this turned me on even more.

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Saori takebe
Her name is rave girl
Minoriko aki
Man you have a way with your words lol