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#111391 - We both entred the room and i immediately excused myself and went to the bathroom where i was in panic, but just decided to get undressed and walk into the room naked, which i did and was met with such surprise and chivalry as he just smiled and grabbed my and held me telling me it was going to be okay and held me tight. Well as time went by i as any normal teenager does became involved with girls and had the usual ups and downs but what turned me was being married, and simply no longer interested in my wife. I told him that i wanted him to cum first in my mouth which i kndly agreed to so i wanked him with all the passion i had while still sucking his then really hard long thick beautiful cock until he warned he was close and just spead up until he started cumming in my mouth, which was nothing like i imagined, it was warm juicy slightly saulty arghhhhh so good i could stop until he was begging me to stop.

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Whats the guys name
Eina tulle