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#194920 - One day my dad got home earlier around 2pm on Sunday, my sister a was in he back yard laying down on the grass taking sun, I was in my room reading a magazine, when heard my dad entered in the house, he was drunk I helped out and he sat on couch, my dad a was dude 6. 2 150 pounds, he told me, bring me that bottle of whisky is in the cabinet, I said ok, he drunk half bottle he had small bag on the table with white powder, he was snorkel cocaine, he asked me where is you sister I told him in the back yard, I went to my room, he kept to snorkel the powder heavily and drinking for half a hour, and he got up, he went to his room, I was watching him from room , I left the door little open, his room had window view to the backyard, my sister a was there laying on the towel wearing no more the bikini the I gave her for her birthday, she was facing up top off, she didn’t know the my dad a was here, my dad got turn on just looking of her he pull his zipper down and took dick out his pant, and st

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My outfit kinda gives it away haha
Botan kumegawa
Lilli vanilli