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#233077 - Finally getting them loose, she slid her hand inside only to discover he wasn't wearing any under wear! Reaching farther down her fingers encountered the largest cock she had ever felt! Her pussy lurched as she wrapped her hand around the massive organ while her breathing became shallow as she tried to fish the monster out of it's cotton prison. She leaned back in the plush seat and let her thoughts drift along with the soft jazz Dan had coming out of the stereo. Now I'm going to show you what a real fuck is, he hissed through clenched teeth! Slowly at first he moved his penis in and out of her tight vagina, gradually picking up speed until he was literally pounding her quim into submission! Linda groaned in ecstasy as her pussy was being ravaged by the massive intruder, and while fucking her Dan whispered into her ear, You're mine now, when ever I call, you come, do you understand me?!? Barely able to speak, Linda shuddered back, When ever you call, I'l

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