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#32506 - You fill my life with much joy Will you be my boy toy? I promise to always be gentle and kind I am someone who will blow your mind Just wait and see what I can do I will make your body quiver too I start at the top and work my way down Licking at first before I go to town Circling the head with my tongue Wow! You are definitely well hung I open my mouth as wide as I can I will soon make you glad to be my man Further and further it is all in I will not stop until you say when Up and down from fast to slow I know that you are going to blow I start to stroke you as I suck Am I putting you in the mood to fuck? You are almost there I can hear you hum “Oh my god I am going to cum” Hold on one minute I am not through Now let me sit on top of you I am feeling ecstasy I’m about to cream Until I realize it is only a dream.

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Kaname isaki
Just amazing i love all that you do
Mihoko fukuji
This is too good