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#99819 - ” I was sitting on her bed just trying to think what just happened I was excited scared and confused all at once then she walked in wearing this sexy loose robe “are you ready for this” she said in a really sexy voice “you look nerves is this your first time?” “y-yes” I stuttered “aww how cute this will be fun” then she dropped her robe and she was wearing nothing and seeing the almost prefect body you can imagine that I was pretty rock hard then as she looked down she said “when I said something more comfortable I meant nothing” and saw the big bulge in my genes and said “lets let that monster out of it cage” then she bent over and un buttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers and my big 7. Then I felt her worm breath on my head then her soft lips and her hot wet tongue as she’s bobbing up and down on my dick I feel her tongue licking all around my head “ohhhh ya that feels sooo good yeeaa ahhhh I ABOUT TO CUM!” so she starts jacking me off with her mouth wide open and

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Sally yoshinaga
Goddamn she looks so good wearing all that cum
Syoko hoshi
Sucks that she passed away