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#329023 - Then he took control again, moving between us both, by now he was surely enjoying this new found fun, Rick’s cock grew bigger, as he let out a loud orgasmic scream, my butt flooded with cum, his cock felt huge, I know I had 2 or 3 orgasms then, he seemed to loose control as he shook, arms going wild, Grant’s cock must be buried deep in him now, as he couldn’t move out of me, then another orgasmic moan, from Grant this time, telling me he had filled Rick’s butt with man juices too. Whats that he asked, wait till tomorrow your see be here around 10. They shook hands, Rick introducing himself to Grant, sat nervously between us, I went down sucking Grants cock, as Rick looked on, then Grant swung me around, his cock buried to the hilt first push as Rick’s eyes popped out, my mouth once more gripping Rick's cock tightly, Grant fucked me for a few minutes, then moved back, allowing me to sit on Rick’s cock, I thought he was going to explode straight away, as his cock pulsed

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