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#31526 - “So do you want to try anything?” “Well let me take the lead” “Ok” Tavo immediately took position, he laid Pepe on his back and tried the image he had put the magazine where this guy was sucking a tranny’s dick, he closed down his mouth around his friend’s dick, softly wrapping It in his lips, almost as if it was natural he started slowly licking the soft and sensible head making Pepe shudder, putting the length of the pecker deep inside his mouth, up and down, when suddenly Pepe moaned and trembled with pleasure. --“so tell me Tavo, did you like what WE just saw as I did?” Before Tavo could answer they heard the sound of the train getting close. --“hey did you bring the magazine?” --yeah and you brought the Vaseline?” --“better, my dad had this watermelon flavored lubricant” --“bullshit” --“no dude they do exist” --“well let’s get started then” --“yeah nice magazine wait why are there girls with dicks there?” --“they are transsexuals, and let

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Meisuke nueno
Okey next time
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Omg this was actually very insanely hot