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#307844 - Excellent, I agreed, Then if there be no further business let us repair to the red Lion for lunch! It was far too soon for lunch, and there were ne're do wells to thrash with whips and the cat o nine tails, so instead we repaired to the market place where first the serving wench who stole a side of venison was dragged to the platform and with a firm grasp of his fist upon her robe the hangman tore it from neck to hem and beyond and bared her entirely before she was secured to the table by her wrists and ankles , her big pink backsides wobbling and her udders swinging as the hangman stood by with the cat and at the overseer's mark he flayed her backsides furioisly. That should have been it but she told her parents of what transpired and forthwith the word was out, I was impotent and then that I was a sodomite with no interest in wenches what ever. Any similarities to persons living or dead is entirely unintentional Perks of the Earl of Llaregub Cruel fate dr

Read Prostitute Ani to Imouto no Jijou. Boss Ani to Imouto no Jijou.

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