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#301661 - I felt something wet between my thighs which made me open my eyes!!!!! WHAT THE FUCKK! NO IT CANT BE A DREAM NOOOO!! NOT AT ALLL!!!!! Huh!!!!! though I was soooo fucking disappointed I Axepted the reality and went to washroom washed myself and returned back to bed thinking how good that was!! My phone beeped and a pop up appeared on the screen hiee,idioto!! u still awake? From my bestie whom I fucked jus now!! Yeah not in real!! but its hard to take that as a dream! Jus a dream!! Though my hormones forced me to cross the line with her,I pinged hey sweety controlling my libido!! She:u know me n James went to a resort today! (James is her boyfrnd) Thinking about what they both did there, I reluctantly pinged oh!! Cool!! You enjoyed? She:let's talk about it tomorrow!! :( I was pretty confused, all that made me smile at that particular fucking death hours, was her sad emoticon,it obviously do mean that there date don't show up!! That made me smile actually, not her emoticon! Wi

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