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#56677 - Dunlap, he replied quickly, the life of an oil driller keeps me away from home way too much to have time for a wife!!! The two of them then spent the next half hour talking shop, that is until Jim finally stood up and exclaimed, Good grief where did the time go, I'm sorry to have taken up so much of you morning, say, I've got an idea, since I don't know too much about Chicago, why don't you join me for dinner and then you can show me around!?! Samantha was a little taken aback at his suggestion, but after a moments hesitation she agreed to meet Jim Dunlap for dinner!!! So, he asked, how was your steak?!? Just perfect, she replied after taking another sip of wine, how was yours!?! Real good, he replied while flashing his crooked grin, but not nearly so good as the company!!! Embarrassed at his boldness, Sam could feel the red rising in her cheeks, but with her eyes cast down she answered softly, I feel the same way too, it's been a wonderful

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