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#290599 - “So you will have no objection to whatever sentence I impose on you then?” I tried to introduce a lighter note into this…. ‘I have to ask you this’ I said ‘What does QC stand for …apart from the obvious, that is?’ “Well”, he said with a smile in his voice, “It could mean ‘Quality Control’ but you can be ‘Quietly Confident’ that you are just about to receive ‘Quite a Caning’ and because I have already taken silk, I’ll have these as well”…so saying he yanked my knickers down and off and without further ado gave me a rapid two dozen hard strokes across my bottom and thighs. The intensity of the sexual activity (starting with an impassioned request for an inspection of the aftermath at first indignantly denied and then allowed after the promise of some TLC and application of cold cream directly onto the target area) which immediately followed this confession amazed me and made me realize the power which ‘submissive’ women can hold over the male sex! After my time at St Margaret’s

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