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#64385 - Yeah, you know when we got pissed up and sent that letter to old Milly Bug the Prime Minister? Al says, Looks like it's law now. Give me a hand would you, Mike said as he dragged out his penis again so he could piss over the pedos head to wake him up, Wakey wakey! The Pedo stirred, Time to play, nearly, Mike said as he picked up a pair of steam powered scissors and to the pedos horror started to cut his clothes off until just the cock clamp was left. Mike tweaked the controls and the hammer head lifted about a foot and dropped, clang! suddenly the pedos hand was s floppy mass of blood and bone about the size of a regular pizza, the Pedo passed out so Mike stuck the pedo's other hand under and smashed that before he smashed both the Pedo's wrists.

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On instagram are activists but in real life are all hypocrites