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#182896 - She loved seeing others playing with their private parts, and Brenda was especially enjoyable to watch in that she always came so very hard, and in a lot of ways Brenda was like herself, that being in great need of sexual satisfaction! Once when they were having coffee together, both women confided that they needed at least two orgasms a day just to keep the edge off!!! On many occasions Hanna had asked Brenda into her office for a little voyeuristic hand play, and both of them loved seeing the others plump pussy in the throes of a crashing climax! While Steven was feeding on Hanna's muff, she all at once had the urge to see Steven's eight inches in Brenda's mouth! In a soft almost in audible voice she said, Take him in your mouth dear, let me see you suck him off! Brenda slid down to the floor and positioned herself in a way that Hanna could see the big cock sticking into her mouth. He always was amazed at the amount of liquid her pussy secreted, and soon his enti

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